Thank you for your interest in PR-Images Boudoir Experience or Content Creation Collaborations.

If you are a classic boudoir client, I aim to provide the warmest most pleasurable experience for you. The boudoir experience is just that - it's an experience of empowerment and feminine beauty. I collaborate with local business partners to provide you with a full luxury experience. The traditional package is fully customizable by you and typically includes pick up and chauffer style transportation to a massage therapist or day spa, then a manicure and pedicure provider, then a hair and makeup professional, then back to the location of your choice for the portraiture and video.

I sincerely hope you are alright with the fact that I also photograph models, and that experience (plus inputs from my lovely wife) has helped me with providing the boudoir experience.

If you are a model seeking adult content creation collaboration, please send me your email and I ask that you read the model release and questionnaire, fill out the 2257 with two photo IDs, and review the poses sought in 2022 so you are fully on point with the project terms and goals. If that criteria is not met I will not be shooting with you. Thank you.

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