Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Ed Wasson. I'm a boudoir photographer currently based in Dallas, TX.   

After some world travel in the military I fell in love with photography. I love everything about it. While I partner with others for all types of photography, from weddings, corporate headshot portraits, quinceaneras and other birthday type events, and others, friends and I are currently focused on boudoir photography and creating professional/premium photo and video content for OnlyFans and Patreon models. 

Boudoir is not just photography - it is a whole experience. It is about liberating and empowering, and the photography part is not a simple snap, regardless of the experience of the photographer. My commitment to service provides consultations, and I will happily refer one to others if it seems I may not be the best fit. The experience is for you.

My professional goal is to create compelling and unforgettable imagery or video. A personal goal is to support our grandchild through our photography efforts and to visit as much of the world as possible before we shuffle off this mortal coil. In order to do this, I feel I have to be better than good, better than great. With focus on lighting and crafting of shadows on certain themes, fashion and style, creativity and vision in concepts, and partnership with other photographers, videographers, and make-up artists, I want to achieve excellent images and video.  

“Love fiercely, laugh often, live with no excuses, and photograph and travel with no regrets” 

I first realized I was going crazy over photography during a trip to Rome, Italy. But, I quickly learned two things - I needed professional gear and tools and I needed professional training, education, and experience. I have actualized my love for making images, and here I am, years later, working freelance jobs to support my addiction to travel, and sharing my adventures with the world. 


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